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Staff Hours

Monday - Friday : 7:30am - 7:30pm
Monday - Friday : 9:00am - 1:00pm
Sunday : By Appointment


Welcome to goPerformance & Fitness in downtown Nashville! We are located downtown in the historic Cummins Station building on 10th Ave S & Demonbruen St. We offer downtown residents and workers a convenient upscale facility to make fitness a part of your busy schedule.

We are a 24-hour access performance based club. For those interested in Personal Training, we offer Personalized and Group Training with an emphasis in Strength and Conditioning. In addition to 24-Hr Membership and Personal Training services, we are unique in the fact that we are also an official CrossFit affiliate.

Our coaches focus on delivering results utilizing performance and functional strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, and educating our members on proper eating habits. All in order to get results efficiently while improving your performance levels, preparing for life's demands, and looking your best!

We have several dedicated areas of the club for working with a fitness coach or on your own. These areas include a dedicated space for core training, stretching, functional strength training, body weight training, performance enhancement training, and cardiovascular conditioning. Our club also features a 3-lane 20 yard agility and sprint track. We also have a dedicated Performance Training room with climbing ropes, Olympic lifting platforms, agility ladders, tires, sleds, aggression wall, kettlebells, and all the fitness toys to make performance style training a new and exciting way to workout!

Rely on goPerformance & Fitness as Your 24-Hour Gym in Nashville

If you've been researching gyms in Downtown Nashville and are interested in one you can use whenever it's convenient, get a membership to goPerformance and Fitness. You can find us conveniently located in the Cummins Station building on 10th Ave. S and Demonbruen St. No matter your goals or current fitness level, we are a 24-hour gym that can help you get and stay in shape.

A Standout Option Among Performance-Based Fitness Centers

Unlike some fitness centers, we offer an upscale facility where members can choose from a variety of ways to work out. In addition to being an official CrossFit affiliate, we have dedicated areas where you can benefit from the guidance of a personal training expert, or work out on your own. Our staff of coaches can give advice about how to get functional and efficient results, and even help you develop better eating habits.

A Challenging Environment for Every Nashville Resident

Some people go to gyms and find there aren't enough options to help individuals achieve their objectives. Fortunately, goPerformance and Fitness has plenty of equipment to make every visit satisfying. Sprint on our three-lane, 20-yard track, go to our dedicated Performance Training room to use the climbing ropes, or bulk up your muscles while spending time on our Olympic lifting platforms.

Enjoy Our Location in Downtown Nashville

Our establishment caters to people who live or work downtown and want to make it as easy as possible to work out. Visit today and see why many people consider performance-style training such an exciting alternative to the norm. Get started by signing up for a seven-day risk-free trial that includes a complimentary fitness assessment. Whether you supplement your workouts with personal training or just follow a regimen you've created on your own, our Nashville 24-hour gym can become an important part of helping you look and feel your best.


24-Hr Basic Memberships Personal Training Services CrossFit Affiliate

goPerformance & Fitness offers a basic club membership that provides 24-hour access to our facility. For those interested in Personal Training, we offer Personalized and Group Training with an emphasis in Strength and Conditioning. These services can be added to your membership or purchased seperately. In addition to 24-Hr Membership and Personal Training services, we are also an official CrossFit affiliate.

We understand your need for flexibility in membership plans and offer a variety of membership options to fit your individual needs. Month-to-Month, couple, short-term, and annual plans are available.

All memberships include

A new member receives a complimentary Fitness Start-up package to include a Fitness Assessment in order to evaluate strength, flexibility, movement patterns, body composition, and eating habits. This information will allow our Fitness Staff to recommend the best workout regimen to fit your needs and individual goals.

After your evaluation we will schedule a complimentary training session. Your initial workout will be dedicated to introducing you to our facility and equipment usages based on the recommended training from our Fitness staff. Those whom choose to take part in our Group Fitness or Personalized Training programs will receive a more specific orientation to cover your training sessions and classes of choice. We will review warm-up and cool down for your sessions, equipment, scheduling, and other details of your custom program.

Corporate Wellness Memberships

Let goPerformance & Fitness design a Corporate Sponsored Membership Plan tailored to your company and employee's needs. We offer evaluations and fitness classes specific to your employee's schedules and goals. Please contact us for more details on establishing a Corporate Wellness plan for your company!

Be our guest

We invite you to come try our facility and meet our staff. Enjoy the comfortable personalized atmosphere and take advantage of a no risk 7-day Trial membership. We even offer a guest Fitness Assessment to help determine your fitness goals and guide you in the right direction.



Personal Training


We feel there is no "one-size fits all" program or membership plan. And the idea of Personal Training is just that... to be personal and individualized. Therefore we offer several options for members and non-members to work with our Professional Fitness staff. You may choose to work one-on-one with a Fitness Coach or choose to workout with a small group of friends or members with similar goals.

A much customized approach to Personal Training and Group Training to meet everyone's needs in a convenient and unique setting designed to get results fast! And we are so sure you will get results…we offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee on our individual Personal Training! Contact our club for details. Take a look at what some of our personal training clients have to say in our testimonial area.

Group Training

We offer a variety of Group Training programs to meet your individual needs. Our classes focus on the beginner and enthusiast who wish to improve their fitness levels with the motivation of working in a small group setting. All group offerings are available to members and non-members. Be sure to sign-up in advance because classes are limited on size to allow for more personal attention from your coach. See the club's online schedule for the most recent class times and offerings. Contact the club for availability and or sign-up online by visiting our website schedule.


45 minute Sessions / 2-4 Participants

Think...... lean muscle gain. multi-joint lifts. total body power

These highly specialized small group sessions, can be just the right mix of motivation, time efficiency, and provide an affordable option for clients. Sessions are intended to be convenient and effective by maximizing your training efforts with the latest functional strength and performance training methods.

This program focuses on complex lifting and exercise techniques with direct attention and specific instruction from a fitness coach. We elicit changes in the body through constant variation, with an emphasis on developing total body strength and power for improved performance. This is a comprehensive program that sculpts an athletic, lean physique.


25 minute Sessions / Up to 10 Participants

Think...caloric burn. fat loss. stamina. core strength. high-intensity intervals

goConditioning classes are the staple of our group offerings. It's your chance to experience the goPerformance® style of training with the motivation of others fighting together through a non-stop, action packed work out, that is sure to make the most out of every minute. You will learn and experience a variety of non-traditional exercises that are scaled to suit your current level of fitness. With a maximum of 10 participants in each session, every participant receives individual coaching and attention.

This program is designed to maximize fat loss through metabolic conditioning, which helps boost metabolism during and after your workouts. We use full body movements, in all planes of motion, performed in high intensity intervals to shred fat, and increase stamina, agility, core strength, and muscular endurance. These sessions are intense and efficient, and are suitable for all fitness levels!


45 minute Sessions/ Up to 8 Participants

CrossFit is defined as constantly varied, functional movements, at high intensity. It combines aspects of weight lifting, gymnastics, metabolic conditioning, and body weight movements. CrossFit is designed to strengthen all aspects of fitness including stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy, and overall cardiovascular endurance. CrossFit® is the principle strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.

As a 7 year CrossFit affiliate, we take pride in our experienced coaches, in-house programming, and small class sizes. The sense of community, accountability, and inclusive attitude makes go CrossFit a safe and energetic place to train!


Fitness & Nutritional Coaching
With your goals in mind, this program will give you all the tools and personalized attention to maximize your training efforts. A Personal Trainer will be assigned to you in order to develop your custom workout program. In addition you'll receive nutritional guidelines and monthly evaluations to help ensure progress.

Personalized Training
We will customize a training schedule for you with a Personal Trainer so that you receive individualized attention with every visit to the club. You'll receive many personalized tools to help guide you and ensure results in your fitness, body transformation, and performance program. We are so confident that our Personal Trainers will get you results within the first 30 days or will give your money back!

Sport Specific & Goal Training
Have a Sport or Specific goal to train for? We offer Performance Training for the weekend warrior or seasoned athlete. No matter your goal or training purpose we will introduce you to some innovated programs that will be like no other! Whether you want to train for a specific sporting event or just see what it's like to engage in athletic performance style training…our Trainers are ready for you!




All members and guests have access during Staff Hours listed below. 24-Hour access will be granted to members only. Guests and non-members are not allowed after Staffed Hours. To become a member or inquire about our services please visit or call during Staffed Hours.

Staff Hours are subject to change for Holidays and certain times of the year. Please call in advance for change of hours around major holidays.


main: 615-251-1500

Email: info@goperformancefit.com


Please bring your parking ticket down to the gym for validation as we are happy to provide a 2-hour validation ticket. There is ample parking in the parking lot across from Cummins Station. You may also park at the Gateway Parking Lot, next to the Flying Saucer Restaurant, and enter from the rear of the building on the first floor. After 2 hours, guests and members are responsible for additional parking fees. Meter parking is also available in front of the building.

7 Day Trial Offer