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We exercise a customized approach to Group Training and Personal Training to meet everyone's needs in a convenient and unique setting, designed to get results fast!

We offer several options for members and non-members to work with our Professional Fitness staff. You may choose to get involved in our group training programs or work 1-on-1 with a Fitness Coach.

We are so sure you will get results… we offer a 30 day money back guarantee!!!

Getting started

1st step:complimentary assessment

During the initial assessment we will collect body composition measurements as well as have you run through a performance evaluation to assess your current conditioning level. This allows us collect data and steer you in the right direction in order to help you set and achieve your goals!


2nd step: Foundations

Foundations sessions are designed to familiarize you with the 14 staple movements that you will encounter during any of our training programs. These 2 Sessions will be done prior to beginning your program and will prepare you to move efficiently and quickly understand coaching ques in a group setting.


3rd step: Choosing your COACHING SESSIONS

Our coaching sessions focus on the beginner to enthusiast who wish to improve their fitness levels with the motivation of a fitness coach and working in a small group setting.  We offer a variety of Group Training programs to meet your individual needs. 


Please visit us at the gym to discuss Pricing & Packages. See Classes offered below.

goperformance Group coaching

strength - Conditioning - mobility


goSTRENGTH Sessions

45 minute Sessions / 2-4 Participants


lean muscle gain. multi-joint lifts. total body power. athleticism.

These highly specialized small group sessions can be just the right mix of motivation, time efficiency, and provide an affordable option for clients. Sessions are intended to be convenient and effective by maximizing your training efforts with the latest functional strength and performance training methods.

This program focuses on complex lifting and exercise techniques with direct attention and specific instruction from a fitness coach.  We elicit changes in the body through constant variation, with an emphasis on developing total body strength and power for improved performance.  This is a comprehensive program that sculpts an athletic, lean physique.

goconditioning sessions

25 minute Sessions / Up to 10 Participants


caloric burn.  fat loss. stamina.  core strength.  high-intensity intervals

goConditioning is your chance to experience the goPerformance® style of training with the motivation of others fighting together through a non-stop, action packed work out, that is sure to make the most out of every minute. You will  learn and experience a variety of non-traditional exercises that are scaled to suit your current level of fitness.  With a maximum of 10 participants in each session, every participant receives individual coaching and attention.

This program is designed to maximize fat loss through metabolic conditioning, which helps boost metabolism during and after your workouts.  We use full body movements, in all planes of motion, performed in high intensity intervals to shred fat, and increase stamina, agility, core strength, and muscular endurance.  These sessions are intense and efficient, and are suitable for all fitness levels!

gomobility Sessions

25 minute Sessions / Up to 10 Participants


mobility.  stability.  recovery.  yoga.  reduce risk of injury.  band assist stretching.  self myofascial release.  trigger point.

These group sessions aim to increase mobility and stability which will enhance training performance and results. Each session focuses on improving mobility of a particular area such as hamstrings or thoracic spine.  The intent is to provide information and instruction for clients to use in order to recover more efficiently and get the most of their time spent in the gym.

1-on-1 Coaching


We will customize a training schedule for you with a Personal Trainer so that you receive individualized attention with every visit to the club. You'll receive many personalized tools to help guide you and ensure results in your fitness, body transformation, and performance program. We are so confident that our Personal Trainers will get you good results!


Have a Sport or Specific goal to train for? We offer Performance Training for the weekend warrior or seasoned athlete. No matter your goal or training purpose we will introduce you to some innovated programs that will be like no other! Whether you want to train for a specific sporting event or just see what it's like to engage in athletic performance style training…our Trainers are ready for you!

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