Make a choice
to invest in your Health

At goPerformance we believe that healthy eating is attainable for everyone. The food choices you make are a vital part in living a long, healthy, active lifestyle and necessary in obtaining your fitness and performance goals.  We feel you can reach any goal by combining the right exercise program with the right nutritional habits.  We educate our clients on the importance of eating a variety of fresh, unprocessed foods in moderation at frequent intervals throughout the day that provide the right nutrient ratio to fit your goals. In addition, we provide the know-how to select foods, plan and prepare meals that are convenient to fit your busy schedule.  All of these components will help ensure your success in weight management and fuel your body for peak performance in and outside of the gym.


goLean is not a diet, it is first and foremost a lifestyle change!



  • Maximize your fitness regimen by learning how to properly fuel your body.
  • Jump start your metabolism and shed excess body fat.
  • Learn how to make healthier food choices, plan meals, and eat according to your goals.
  • Gain energy to sustain a healthy, active lifestyle.
  • Feel, look, and perform better!


goLEAN 60 day Challenge


  • 8 Weeks of detailed nutritional guidelines and recommendations.
  • 2 Individual consultations to answer questions, assess body composition, get measurements, and take before/after photos.
  • 6 group “Lunch Lessons” designed to educate and discuss living healthy, food prep, and tips for success in the program.  
  • Bimonthly food journal reviews to take control, track meals, and monitor progress.
  • Email support from coach


8 Week Program:

$199 for Personal Training Members
$299 for Basic Members & Non-Members



goLean Individual Support

  • Detailed Nutritional recommendations and guidelines for:
  • Weight loss, Muscle Gain, or Performance
  • Body Composition Assessing and Tracking
  • Online food journal reviews to take control, track meals, and monitor weekly progress.
  • Weekly food journal reviews to take control, track meals, and monitor progress.
  • Weekly Email support from Coach



Individual Support:

$99 / Initial Consultation

$69 / Session (25 min) – Recommended 1/wk

4 Session Package: $225


goLean Brochure