Corporate Wellness Bootcamp


Corporate Wellness


This 5 week BootCamp is for Corporate Clients that want to

jumpstart their employees path to wellness!


Bootcamp Includes:

Nutritional Guidelines

Custom Team Sessions

Conditioning Classes

Gym Access

We combine the best of what we have to offer at goPerformance to create a
5 week Wellness Transformation for your employees. 
Our program will keep your employees engaged, motivated, and competing for results. 
Bootcamps can be run with anywhere from 5-20 employees.  Contact us to get more information! 


Corporate Membership Discounts

Reduce Health Care Costs - Increase Productivity - Boost Moral

At goPerformance we offer great discounts & programs for our Corporate Partners.

We have a track record of success in implementing wellness programs  that motivates employees to
become active, get results, and be held accountable. 

Corporate sponsored Rates are based on 5+ employee enrollments.

Rates begin at 20% OFF our basic membership rate and decrease the more employees you have enrolled.

What we have to offer our Corporate Partners:

  • 24 hour Facility
  • Free Parking
  • Access to Group Training (Strength, Conditioning, Mobility, Nutrition)
  • 5 week Corporate Bootcamp Challenges
  • Corporate Membership discounts up to 40% off basic membership rates
  • Instruction, counseling, and training in diet and Nutrition

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