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Utilize the goPerformance® trademark in operating a functional fitness and performance training business.



Be apart of the growing brand and share our philosophy and methods of  exercising in operating your own personalized fitness and functional training facility! Be on the cutting-edge with a uniquely designed facility utilizing goPerformance branded and customized training equipment. Take part in our certification process to utilize our exercise methods in conduction small group personalized training.

Why Join Our Brand?

Separate yourself from the competition, while reducing the time and guesswork required to open and operate a business in today's competitive fitness industry. Fitness facilities have increased in number and size to accommodate and attract all consumer types. The result is often large, over-crowded clubs, which lack attention to detail while offering more amenities than members often need or want. Smaller niche clubs try to attract those wanting to avoid crowds and value convenience over volume, but often these small facilities don't have the staff needed to provide the individualized attention and unique programming members need to stay motivated and engaged in order to see results.

Our Style

goPerformance®'s style of facilities, exercise philosophy, personalized programs, customized equipment, and hands-on approach to working with clients is what sets us apart. Our facilities and programs are designed to promote training with fitness professionals in a unique manner to keep clients engaged while ensuring results using functional fitness and performance based training methods to build lean athletic bodies and improve quality of life.  You may choose to offer 24-hour access that allows client usage based on their schedule. They don't have to deal with crowded, impersonal facilities offering old-style fitness classes and equipment. They don't waste time performing boring, repetitious workouts. Give clients the personal space needed to work with a fitness and performance professional to get the results they are looking for!


Our Trademark License Program

We have available the resources needed to reduce the guesswork, save time, and prevent costly mistakes when opening or operating a fitness facility. Our concept along with the industry experience, ability to network with other licensees, buying power, branding, and vendor relationships give goPerformance licensees a great advantage to open and operate your own facility. By working under a common name and philosophy, you build greater market awareness and recognition as part of an established brand. Our license program provides options and flexibility for owners to operate their facilities and programs in a manner that is unique to them, their gym market, and with the services they have chosen to provide.

Our license program allows for flexibility in the size of gym or studio you would like to operate. We understand the importance of creating a unique facility with programs that fit your market, budget, and growth expectations.  Use our trademark and fitness training methods to operate an independent fitness studio or integrated in a larger fitness facility. Open a new gym or convert and existing facility using our trademark, training, and business resources.

What You Receive

We have a resourceful and talented mix of fitness vendors and business professionals who provide feedback in the development, guidance to new gym owners, and ongoing support in facility operations. Our preferred vendors consists of like-minded, passionate, and caring individuals who want to see others succeed in the business of helping people improve their fitness and quality of life. 

  • goPerformance Coaching Certification program at our corporate facility or designated licensed facility.  We will host a 3-day workshop that gives you the necessary info to create, follow, sell, and conduct goPerformance personalized and group functional fitness workouts at your licensed facility.
  • Detailed listing on to provide information unique to your facility, programs, and location.
  • Access to goOwners forums for networking and staying posted on license facility happening and events.
  • Access to goCoaches website. An online tool for viewing and printing monthly workouts used at our corporate Nashville,TN location. Many more resources for conducting and following our training programs such as blogs, tips, videos, forms, and more information on our training methods and programs.

As a licensee you receive access to special pricing through our vendors

  • Design floor plans for best use of your gym space.
  • Custom made goPerformance branded functional fitness equipment.
  • Consulting for start-up needs in business planning and site selection.
  • Marketing, print materials, SEO optimization, social media.
  • Ongoing management support.
  • Continued educational offerings in business management operations and fitness training.


Get Started

The first step to obtaining more information in opening a goPerformance® licensed facility is to complete the initial questionnaire. A representative will follow-up to discuss your needs and answer any initial questions in obtaining a goPerformance License. 



The first step to opening a goPerformance® facility is to complete the initial online questionnaire with a follow-up to discuss the area in which you would open a facility. After a conversation to answer initial questions you might have, a License information request form will be sent in order to gather more detailed information. Upon approval, a License Agreement will be sent for your review. Once a License Agreement is executed, you will then have access to all the benefits related to and use of the goPerformance registered trademark. We may also discuss a visit to a corporate facility where you will have the opportunity to see what make our facilities and programs unique.


The information provided on this website is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. An offer or solicitation can only be made by a franchise disclosure document. 


Start The License Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in opening a goPerformance®.  In order to provide the best possible service and support, we’d like to gather some information to help start the process.  We understand that you may be in the beginning stages of your business plan and not have all the necessary information, so please complete this form with as much information as you currently have available. All information you provide will be held in confidence.

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