Why choose to license?

As a new business owner, the ability to operate with the goPerformance® name gives an advantage and jump-start in the process with an existing concept that started in 2006. Our vendor network and resources will save time and money with business planning, start-up needs, staff, marketing, and on-going operations for your business. You can be more confident in your marketing plan, benchmarks, goals, and knowing you have the resources available to help your business thrive.

Why choose goPerformance®?

We have created a fitness business model and fitness training system you can follow that helps eliminate guess-work and prevent costly mistakes in starting up your own business from scratch. We have the industry experience, ongoing support tools for fitness programming, buying power, branding, vendor relationships, and marketing resources with a protected trademarked name. By working together under a common name and philosophy we build greater market awareness and create recognition as part of an established brand. With our approach to licensing, we provide flexibility for owners to operate in a manner that is unique to them, their club's market, and additional services you may chose to provide.

How much does it cost to open a goPerformance®?

The initial start-up cost has several variables depending on your market, building size, adding to or converting an existing space, required build out, and whether you lease or purchase most of your initial equipment to get started. We also recommend budgeting for a marketing launch and a few months of operating expenses for reserve.

A studio size goPerformance® can be around 2,000sqft – 4,000sqft. A freestanding facility offering 24-hour gym access in additional to goPerformance training can be 5,000sqft +. Studio size facilities can have equipment cost ranging from $25,000 to $75,000 and typically around $100,000-$175,000equipment cost for larger facilities or more depending how large and programs you choose. Other initial start-up cost needs will vary and can be discussed during the planning process with preferred vendors once a size and location has been selected.

What do I get?

Upon signing a trademark license agreement for an independent location(s) you receive a protected territory in which to utilize the goPerformance trademark. If needed, our preferred vendor network can assist with site location search, business plan development, lease negotiation, facility design and layout, and financial lender contacts. You will receive access to our goCoaching program website, gpfit.com,with monthly programing updated for our group strength and conditioning sessions, exercise library, and many tools for following our fitness training methods and systems. Allowed access to goOwners forums to network with other goPerformance® owners.

Owners and key staff will receive both classroom and hands-on training at a designated corporate location to become certified in goPerformance® training methods and programming. You will have access to the goPerformance® trademarks, approved suppliers with licensee discounts on products and services including our custom built and branded goPerformance® equipment. And, you will receive dedicated web pages for your location on www.goperformance.com to promote your facility, programs, and offerings to customers.

Do I need fitness experience?, and business management skills?

Fitness club and personal training backgrounds are helpful, and customer service and business management skills are also important.  Regardless of your skills or background, we will help provide the vendor resources, tools, and fitness program training you need to use the goPerformance® brand with your fitness business.  We do, of course, expect that you have the right amount of capital to invest in the business.

Is there financing available?

We do not offer direct financing. We do have preferred lenders that have worked with other licensees to assist in obtaining financing for start-up costs and equipment needs. Qualifying for financing is on a case-by-case basis based on your financial resources and credit history.

Is my territory available and how can I protect it?

To determine if a territory is available, please complete the license inquiry questionnaire. We offer a 3-5 mile radius protected territory for each independent location. Larger territories are available to protect and preserve the rights for more locations near your first location.

Can I use with my existing fitness business? Or change my business name?

Yes. The fitness industry is shifting away from the typical all-machine driven gym lacking professional fitness guidance, so it is an ideal time to use a brand, which represents the latest innovations in functional fitness and programming based on getting clients results. A licensed goPerformance® facility also sets you apart from the growing number of low-cost and low-value gym models that continue to open.

How do I find a location?

Once you decide to open a fitness business using our brand, a license agreement needs to be executed. This will give you access to our preferred vendor resources to start the process for site selection, demographics, lease space and term recommendations, and market analysis to open your facility.

How do I get started?

Complete the initial online license inquiry to schedule a call with us. Once we have spoke and you've had time to decide on moving forward, a Confidential Information Request form will be sent to give us more information and insight on your ability to represent the goPerformance® brand in your desired territory.After review of your Confidential Information Request form, a License Agreement may be sent for review and execution to become an authorized goPerformance® Licensee.