We feel there is no "one-size fits all" program or membership plan. And the idea of “Personalized Training” is just that... to be personal and individualized. Therefore, we offer several options for members and non-members to work with our Professional Fitness staff. You may choose to work one-on-one with a Personal Trainer or choose to work out with a small group of friends or members with similar goals. This allows a customized approach to Personal and Group Training to meet everyone's needs in a convenient and unique setting designed to get results fast! And we are so sure you will get results… on our individual Personal Training! Contact our club for details.

goPerformance & Fitness offers several training programs to meet your personal goals. Our fitness staff is qualified and knowledgeable to work with first time gym goers as well as fitness enthusiasts. See the club’s online schedule for the most recent group fitness offerings and session times.


Our Training MENU:


ELITE One-ON-ONE Training:

With this program you don’t have to think. We will meet weekly with a Coach to talk about nutrition, mobility, pain reduction, stress management and anything else going on in your life that week. Your coach will take you through a great workout tailored to your wants, need and goals. With the help of your Coach, you will strategize how many sessions/week you should attend, including personalized training, large group, yoga, etc. You'll receive many personalized tools to help guide you and ensure improvements in your fitness level, body transformation, and performance. Our Personal Trainers will get you AMAZING results! Schedule your free initial consultation with a coach today by emailing


Personalized Training (2-6 participants):

These sessions are the staple of our group offerings. Our semi-private training is for clients who wish to have the personalization of a 1-on-1 session combined with the motivation of a small group. If you wish to develop strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, endurance, and experience an overall improvement in physical well-being, then semi-training will get you there. Try it out and experience for yourself the results that keep our members committed to fitness. Do you know a friend that you’d like to workout with… bring them along. Drag them along if that’s what it takes. It’s more fun to train with a friend. We’ll have a guest pass waiting for both of you to try out a session for free!


Large group training (6-14 people):

These high-energy classes are designed to get results fast with a method that is proven to be effective and efficient at changing your body and performance levels. It's your chance to experience the goPerformance style of training with the motivation of others fighting together through a non-stop, action packed workout that is sure to make the most out of every minute. You will learn and experience a variety of non-traditional exercises sure to challenge and keep you guessing as to what our fitness coaches have in store next! Don’t forget to check out our Facebook reviews to see what your Clarksburg neighbors are saying about goPerformance!



We’re not your run of the mill gym where we offer memberships and offer sub-par group training. Nor are we a “class-only”At goPerformance, we understand that not everyone is in need of the motivation of a trainer or coach. Some simply want to come in and work out on their own at their own pace, but still want to know what is needed to reach fitness success. Our self-guided training option provides you with a “workout of the day” with every visit, an online nutrition program, and allows you the freedom to train on your own, 24-hours a day. Our training staff is always available to offer helpful training tips and advice.

goPerformance & Fitness
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