At goPerformance, we offer several specialty classes to add variety to your fitness routine; From obstacle course race training to women's weight lifting programs, there is always something new and exciting to look forward to.

Some specialty classes change on a quarterly basis, but the following classes are part of our regular weekly schedule and are included at no additional charge with our Group and Semi-Private Training memberships:



goFLOW Yoga is powered by goPerformance, giving us the unique ability to enhance your training program with the benefits of regular yoga practice to drastically improve your performance in many facets of your life, both in and out of the gym. goFlow is rooted in the Vinyasa Flow tradition, a vigorous style of yoga linking poses together with an emphasis on breath initiated movement. This class is designed for all levels and abilities, with modifications and additional challenges as appropriate. Be prepared to work hard and break a sweat!

If you have never stepped onto a yoga mat before, you are probably wondering about some common misconceptions of yoga practice. Let us assure you that yoga is for everyone! You don’t need to be able to touch your toes or place your foot behind your head to try yoga.

goFLOW is designed with you in mind, incorporating stretches and breath work to enhance the work you are doing in your Semi-Private and Group training sessions.


Classes are held amongst the energy of the gym environment. It’s easy to find peace to meditate on a mountaintop, but can you find focus amongst the sound of treadmills and the weight room?  After all, athletic fields aren’t exactly serene, nor are most houses when the kids come home school. goFLOW will help you find stillness amid the chaos of life!


Still not convinced that yoga is for you?

Consider the following benefits of regular yoga practice:

  • Flexibility: Stretch and elongate tight muscles while cultivating flexibility of mind.

  • Strength: Yoga works holistically to strengthen the body as a unit, including your mental stamina.

  • Balance: Hone your proprioceptive skills to grow awareness of how your body functions in space.  

  • Mental Focus: Learn how to better endure the intensity of your chosen sport and life.

  • Endurance: Use breathing exercises to maximize your VO2-Max and increase cardio-respiratory endurance.

  • Injury Prevention: A flexible, relaxed body is less prone injury and better able to recover from the stresses of training.


Whether you are looking to increase flexibility, build a stronger core or just breathe and relax, goFLOW will help you make it happen!