goSpeed Academy

goSpeed Academy provides proper guidance for youth exercising to enhance sports performance and overall athleticism.  This is an easy way for both athletes and non-athletes to get in top shape and train throughout the year to maximize athletic performance.  


Learning and mastering the fundamentals of athletic conditioning, based on age and current fitness levels, is key to developing speed, quickness, flexibility, and strength in any sport.  Take part in our group sessions with a Speed Academy Coach to learn the proper body mechanics in running and multi-directional movements required for sports.  Develop the strength, endurance, coordination, confidence and mental toughness required both on and off the playing field.  And most importantly, have FUN doing so.  Remember, you don’t have to be an athlete to train like one!


You don’t have to be paying a sport to train your inner athlete! - Coach Corey

You don’t have to be paying a sport to train your inner athlete! - Coach Corey

Some key features of our goSpeed Academy:

  • Improve agility, flexibility, and coordination

  • Improve speed and increase overall strength and power

  • Develop injury -prevention techniques

  • Learn proper nutrition

  • Boost self-confidence

  • Build mental toughness


goSpeed Academy sessions are currently offered every evening during the week for kids ages 10 and older.  We also offer sport-specific team trainings and camps, contact for more information.


We are not your average running club trying to train for an obstacle course race! goRugged is powered by goPerformance, giving us the unique ability to fuse functional training with our OCR program in order to help you supercharge your obstacle race training and meet your goals in a positive and supportive environment.


Our mission is to bring together OCR competitors of all ages and abilities in the rapidly-expanding Clarksburg community. Based out of goPerformance & Fitness - Clarksburg, we are open to everyone and all experiences and fitness levels. We strive to create an environment where experienced OCR racers (YES, we know that’s redundant) can improve while helping and inspiring first time racers complete every obstacle in their way. All while having fun and feeling like a Warrior, or Spartan, or one Tough Mudder!


Whether you are looking to see what all the OCR craze is about, participate in your first OCR, learn how to remain injury-free while training, or compete at the next level for your next race, goRugged can help you make it happen.


Club Highlights:

goRUGGED TEAM - 2018 Terrain Race

goRUGGED TEAM - 2018 Terrain Race

  • Weekly workouts hosted at goPerformance which focus on grip

  • strength, speed, conditioning, obstacle training and recovery techniques.

  • goRUGGED Team OCR events

  • Training at the ONLY upscale, functional training gym in Clarksburg

  • Periodic Special Events and Seminars (additional fees may apply)


Ready to hit the road with us? Contact for more information.

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Let’s face it, there are 2 times each year when we are MOST focused on proper nutrition: during the dreadful holiday season and when we realize it’s only 8 weeks until we’ll have to be in a bating suit. This is where the “Battle Of The Bulge” and “Summer Shape Up” fat loss programs come into play.


Our fat loss programs are unlike any you may have done in the past. We don’t simply evaluate success on total weight loss. If you lose weight, but you lose both fat AND muscle, you are merely a small version of your current self. Our weekly body composition check-ups will ensure that you only lose body fat and not the lean muscle that gives you that beautiful toned look.



  • Weekly accountability appointments with a Coach to keep you on track

  • Homework assignments so you learn how to take it off and KEEP IT OFF

  • Best practices, tips/tricks and recipes to keep you focused

  • Social network of others just like you excited about fat loss success


Ready to prepare yourself for fat loss battle this holiday season or look the best you ever have this year in that bathing suit? Contact our fat loss expert, Coach Amy Allage, at



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