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Mark Earl

Client Since 2012


When I started going to goperformance I would work out by myself doing P90X or some other type of video in the corner of the gym.  I was able to get some results doing these workouts.  However, after a while they didn’t really motivate me, maybe because I would do them solo.  Lane and Payden would often talk to me in between exercises, trying to get me to participate in the classes at goperformance Finally, after my workouts became very stale I decided to try the classes for a week. I was instantly hooked.  Over the years, I had developed some bad habits and technique.  Now that I am in the adult training classes, I appreciate the trainers correcting my bad form so that I don’t hurt myself.  It really has been nice just showing up and having the trainer already have the workout ready for you to execute.  They are constantly changing it up to keep you interested and engaged.  In a group setting you tend to work harder to try and keep up with the others in the class.  




Corrine Wooten

Member Since 2013

Since I started training at goperformance, my athletic ability on the soccer field has immensely increased. My improvements in my speed, running form, agility, reaction time and strength have allowed me to compete at a high level in collegiate soccer. I play for Mercer as a Center Defender.  I have loved training with Lane and his staff over the past few years.  goperformance has been an extremely fun and effective way to improve my game.

Daye Bexley

Client Since 2013

I joined Go Performance more than 3 years ago when I was committed to making a change in my health.  I had always worked out, but never felt any positive changes to myself or my health.   Since joining goperformance I not only feel the change, I see it every day.  I have become stronger while increasing my endurance.  My workouts at goperformance start my morning right and keep me focused throughout the day to help with my stressful job and three beautiful children.   My workout groups and the trainers have become my friends, my inspiration and my support to know I can achieve my goals.  When I think I can't run any longer, lift more or do another burpee, the support of my workout group as well as Lane and the coaches encourage me to finish.  The time each trainer spends with you to show you the workout, each exercise, and more importantly make sure it is done correctly; while also taking time to provide nutrition counseling is something unique to goperformance. 

goPerformance is committed to you as a person and inspire you to be your best.  goperformance is not only a gym, but a gym family.  It's a gym that truly cares about their members and works hard to ensure that each member meets their individual goals while making the classes fun, energizing and yes, sometimes painful.  I always felt awkward in a gym - never at home.  At goperformance I am home.  I can now run a 5K which was a goal of mine when I started. I see changes in muscle definition, I can now do pull-ups and regular pushups that I was never able to do before.  Thank you goperformance for your support, encouragement, guidance, and dedication to my well-being and for treating me as part of your big family!  It is through your leadership that I am the fittest I have ever been in my life

Georgia intensity softball team

With each training session our team has not only grown physically stronger, but also strengthened their team bond by working hard together.  The speed work and learning proper running techniques have changed the way we compete, giving us an advantage we did not have prior to joining.  Our team looks forward to the challenge each class!  Initially we were just going to train in the off season, but we are going to continue training during our season to keep our girls strong.
Thank you everyone at goperformance! - Chris Backes, Coach, Georgia Intensity Softball


Ron Moody

Client since 2012

Three and a half years ago I wanted to make a change with my health.  My introduction to goperformance was by way of a one week trial membership.   After my first work out session I was aware of my dire need for physical conditioning.  I decided to join goperformance.  My experience over these years has been phenomenal; I have always been treated like a member of the family.  My work out experience is always dynamic and challenging.  Over the past three and a half years,  because of the commitment to my goal, I made a change in my diet and I have stuck with the rigorous fitness program. I am now reaping the rewards of being 35 Ibs lighter, my blood pressure is under control and my energy level has increased. My gratitude goes out to my goperformance family for their encouragement and ongoing support.

Amanda Lindsey

Client Since 2013

Amanda plays lacrosse at Presbyterian College where she finished 11th in the nation for D1 Women’s Lacrosse in Ground Balls Per Game.

Working out at goperformance redefined my conception of working out. The staff designs workouts that not only elevate the athlete's strength and power but also enhance their ability to be agile and explosive with their movements. Adjusting my workouts to revolve around these elements allowed me to succeed at the Division 1 level. I attribute the transformation of my athletic performance to the training and instruction provided by go.

Nathan Bates

Client Since 2013

Drafted by the LA Angels Organization

The training I received at goperformance helped me to increase my strength, flexibility, and explosiveness. As a pitcher, flexibility and leg/core strength are critical. Lane and the staff customized my sessions with them to focus on these areas. I used goperformance over the winter break to help prepare me for the grind of a D1 baseball season and I was able to stay healthy and strong through my three years at Georgia State. Most recently I was drafted by the LA Angels Organization.

Anthony Dodd

Client Since 2013

The training at goperformance has improved my speed, endurance, strength, and mobility. The speed has allowed me to catch fly balls in the gap. The endurance has allowed me to be able to maintain my velocity late in the baseball games. The strength allowed me to pitch faster. The mobility helped prevent me from injury and improved my pitching form. Overall, goperformance properly prepared me for college and allowed me to win the Best Pitcher award as a freshman in college.



Josh Wilson

Client Since 2012

goperformance Peachtree City is an everyday part of my life!  What I love most is that I don't have to plan my workouts. Lane and his staff prepare a phenomenal workout that pushes me to my limits!  At the age of 40, I'm in the best shape of my life thanks to Lane and his staff!!  If you are wanting a great place to workout with awesome camaraderie, look no further than goperformance PTC!!  

Marcia Dodd

Client Since 2012

I have been a client here at goperformance since they opened the doors in 2012. I love the small group, which allows me to get to know my trainer and the other clients. I have made really good friends and developed personal and professional relationships. After being here for a year I was diagnosed with breast cancer, which meant an immediate bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. I was in great shape and my oncologists stated because I was in such great shape that I was able to bounce back and get back to my workout routine in a matter of months.  After the chemo and radiation I returned.  Because of the small group training sessions they were able to cater my workouts to fit my individual needs. The atmosphere here is family oriented and motivating to propel us to the next level in our fitness goals. I love my trainers and they enjoy making me stronger. The trainers have encouraged and trained me to run and finish local 5k races. I'm in the best shape of my life! I thank God for goperformance.  I am so thankful to be a part of such a great gym, the best gym! Thanks goperformance! 

Hank Morgan

Client Since 2013

goperformance helped me gain back my speed and agility I lost due to an injury. The fast paced style of training has really prepared me for playing at the collegiate level.  I graduated from McIntosh and am now a defensive player on the Lacrosse Team at Mercer University. Training at goperformance equipped me and help me play at the next level.  Truly, there isn't another gym in the area that can compare to goperformance. 

Rebeca Bonilla. Member Since 2014

I started training at goperformance the summer before my junior year and it made a world of difference! I improved in so many areas, especially my ability to accelerate and change direction quickly. I believe these improvements are what allowed me to have the success on the soccer field that I did not have in previous years.  After graduating high school, I was able to play at the collegiate level for Valdosta State.  I only wish I had started coming here sooner!  

Meg Boerstler. Member Since 2012

I've been working out at goperformance since 2012. I have a background in the fitness industry for over 20 years. In all my experience, I have never worked with staff as knowledgeable as Lane and his crew. Not only do they know their stuff in the fitness realm, they each take the time to know all of us on a personal level. Lane knows if I'm having a bad day or when to push me beyond what I think I can do!!
When I first started working out with Lane I could barely do a pull up!! Now I can knock out ten in a row!! I'm stronger than I have ever been and feel energized enough to keep up with my four active children!!  It's awesome to have the ability to see how hard I am working with the new MyZone Heart Rate System.  The client care and support at goperformance is greater than anything you experience in a large gym. The friendships I have formed at go will last a lifetime. Thanks Lane and Payden for making goperformance a place I am proud to be a part of!!!

Heather Cole. Member since 2014

"About a year and half ago I walked into goPerformance and completely changed my life. When I walked into the gym I thought that I was fit and just wanted to tone up a few things and I would be happy.

Little did I know at that time the possibilities that were in front of me. Since my time at the gym I learned that I CAN DO MORE, GO FASTER, GO HARDER and BE BETTER.

I have not necessarily dropped weight, but I have dropped two clothes' sizes, changed my eating habits and become an all-around happier person.

Lane, Treon, Payden and Stuart are always there for a support and even an extra push when I just didn’t think that I could do it. I have made great friends and look forward to working out every day because I know that I will be better than the day before."

"Thank you to everyone at go, I can’t wait to see what the coming years bring."

Tom Smith - member since 2012

"goperformance has made a tremendous impact on my life. The trainers are great and the facility is set up to help you maximize your fitness goals whether you are a beginner or looking for advanced training. The classes are unique and never the same so you will always be challenged!

The body changes and energy levels I have experienced are remarkable to say the least.

I owe a a big thank you to the owners, Lane and Payden, and the trainers for investing in my health and fitness.

Without their support and guidance I would still be running endless laps on the treadmill like a hamster on a wheel."

* Result may vary as per each individual.

Mel Loftis - member since 2008 - lost 40 pounds

"I have been actively training with Lane for almost eight years now.  My starting weight was around 285lbs and had been that for quite some time.  I had lost 40 pounds and been able to keep it off!  Not only did Lane and the training staff help me get into better conditioning, they also encouraged and guided me into some serious lifestyle changes.  Obviously this mostly consisted of a better daily diet.   

Every member of my family has trained at goPerformance at various times.  The greatest value for us has been accountability both from the trainers and other members.  If you have goals and are willing to put in the effort, Lane and the rest of the staff will get you there.  At my age, one of the biggest concerns with lifting weights and training is injury from "over training" or improper technique.  These guys all know what they are doing and make sure everyone is working within their limits.   

At 48 years old, I am planning on doing a Spartan race next month and I can assure you I would not have considered attempting one just ten years ago.  One last thing, my annual physical used to be wrought with fear and anxiety due to my blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight issues, but in the last few years it has just become another day in my life."

* Result may vary as per each individual.

Laurie Greer - Member since 2014

"In recent months I've received a healthy share of compliments on my appearance or as some might even say, my "transformation." It wasn't until I sat down and searched for an old picture and put the old me next to a pic of the recent me that I truly realized what all the buzz was about. Wow!

Thank you Go Performance (Lane, Treon, Jermaine, Payden, Joe, Stuart) for helping me get to where I am today! And thanks for putting up with all of my shenanigans, too... "Exercise repeater! Burpees are so disrespectful! We just did those yesterday! 10? I'll do 3, ok?"
All kidding aside, the trainers are so encouraging, KNOWLEDGEABLE, positive and you guys make coming to the gym a true joy. From the bottom of my heart, THANK you for making me work hard. There really is no better feeling than leaving the gym feeling lighter, and stronger than you felt when you arrived.
What I said in the above paragraph is 100% true, but this is only half the story behind my "transformation". I love you to the core, goperformance, but y'all only get half the credit! The other half goes to me.  I made real lifestyle changes to my diet and continue to make healthy choices every day. If I can do it, anybody can. "


Melanie Duncan 

Member Since 2012

I have been training with Lane Montgomery for more than 7 years and was very excited when he and Payden opened goperformance.  Sports and fitness have always been a big part of my life, but I struggled with designing workouts that kept me motivated and pushed me to get better every time.  The programs that Lane and his staff design have all of the elements that I find essential: fun, challenging, variety, and based on good science.  Add to that the awesome individuals that are in the classes and it truly is the perfect workout facility.  The trainers professionalism, instruction and encouragement ensures that every time I show up for class I will leave knowing that I have just had my butt kicked.  For me, it's family, and it's awesome!

Mike Duncan

Member Since 2012

My family and I have been training with Lane since 2008 and we've been at goperformance since the day it opened.  The training staff and fellow clients have become a part of the family.  The training environment is challenging and supportive, and the staff excels at meeting individual needs, experience levels and goals.  Whether you want to drop a few pounds, improve your overall health to improve your sport, goperformance will get you "go"ing.  I would not consider training anywhere else.  


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